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"Printable Price List"


Please see "Policy's" section for a complete explanation of all services.


Routine Process Serving:

                                        Service attempted within 3 days of recieving documents, subsaquint attemps

                                        made every 3 days, up to 6 attemps. If the documents require mailing or

                                        overnighting to the server, the first attempt may be delayed by this amount

                                        of time. Fax, E-Mail, Copy or Overnight charges may apply.


Rush Process Serving:

                                     Service attempted same day or within 24 hours of recieving documents, subsaquint

                                     attempts made every day, at least 1 attempt each day, up to 6 attempts. If the

                                     documents require overnighting to the server, the first attempt may be delayed by

                                     this amount of time. Fax, E-Mail, Copy or Overnight charges may apply.


  • Please provide 1 service copy and 1 mailing copy, per defendant for all sub-servable

        documents, if no mailing copy provided, we will make and charge at copy rate below.


  • Rural or Mountainous areas and services requiring a server to travel from one county to another

        may be charged as Time and Mileage, see below for rate.


Please see "Policy's" section for complete explanation of Bad Address, Multiple Services at a Single Address,

Multiple Addresses for a Single Service and other various situations.


"Printable Price List"


                                            Price List

                                     All prices are per address and per defendant.


                                              Service Lacation                                                           Routine            Rush


  • Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, San Joaquin,

        Santa Clara, Stanaslaus & Sacramento Counties                                            $45.00              $75.00

  • Statewide Coverage (Minimum)                                                                    $70.00              $100.00
  • Nationwide Coverage (Minimum)                                                                  $100.00             $135.00
  • CT Corporation System - Los Angeles                                                          $45.00              $75.00
  • CSC - Lawyers Incorporating Service - Sacramento                                     $45.00              $75.00


Writs, Earnings Withholding Order and Bank Levy: (Plus Levying Officer's Fee)

     (Please see "Judgment Enforcement" section for complete explanation of service.)


  • Alameda, Santa Clara & San Mateo County                                                   $90.00              $120.00
  • Contra Costa & San Francisco                                                                      $110.00             $140.00
  • Statewide                                                                                                  $150.00+           $180.00+

Levying Officer Fees:

  • For Bank Levy - Statewide                                                                         $30.00
  • For Earnings Withholding Order - Statewide                                               $25.00


E-Mail & Fax Charges:

  • 30 pages or under                                                                                         FREE                FREE
  • 31 pages or more                                                                                        $0.25 per page. $0.25 per page.
  • Recieving Documents at a Third Party Fax Machine (ie. The UPS Store)         $1.50 per page.  $1.50 per page.


Copy Charges:

  • 10 pages or under                                                                                          FREE                FREE
  • 11 pages or more                                                                                         $0.25 per page. $0.25 per page.  


Overnight Charges:

  • TBS, UPS, FedEx, etc.                                                                                $10.00+            $25.00+

If you provide your account number, overnight charges will be billed to your account at acctual costs.


Various Charges:

  • Field Locate                                                                                               $25.00              $25.00
  • Notary Charge (per signature)                                                                     $10.00              $10.00 
  • Wait Time Hourly Rate                                                                               $35.00              $35.00                                                                                    
  • Stakeout Hourly Rate (7:00am to 9:00pm)                                                   $50.00              $50.00
  • Stakeout Hourly Rate (9:00pm to 7:00am)                                                   $75.00              $75.00

(2 hour minimum in some locations, hourly rate does not include cost of process serving)

  • Time & Mileage Rate (minimum, Rush Charge for given area)                          $45.00 per hour, $0.45 per mile.


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